Why I started blogging

January 23, 2018

So… Why blogging? Well it is kinda a long answer, but stick with me… I’ll try to make this interesting. There were a number of different factors that went into this decision.

I started my blog in September 2017.

Reason #1: Long story short… I love marketing and public relations and, in college, thought it would be my career.

I graduated with a degree in Public Relations. I LOVE that field. It is so interesting and intriguing to me.

I was lucky enough to have a little taste of what a job in this field might look like. My senior year of college, I spent a summer in Los Angeles working for a company that ran blogs and social media for celebrities. However, at the time, I didn’t even realize they were blogs. I thought they were just websites! Haha! I worked with the team that still runs Lauren Conrad’s social media and blog. Other celebrities included Jennifer Lopez, Bella Thorne, Denise Richards, LaLa Anthony, & Alicia Silverstone. I LOVED it. I learned all about engaging an audience, what it takes to build an online platform, and the tools out there for blogging from scheduling posts, using Pinterest to promote your website, etc. My boss was amazing and really treated me as part of the team which gave me even more insight into how they were building such successful brands. As part of the internship, I created my own blog to help drive traffic to their sites. Gosh I need to find that blog…  It was so much fun. I couldn’t get enough!

After graduating, I wanted to continue my career in PR and social media marketing. I cold emailed countless PR firms in Nashville/ Unfortunately, I didn’t have any luck finding a job like that in Nashville without working another internship for free. After college, my parents said they would give me money to get to job interviews and that was it! LOL! And to eat of course. I had rent and bills to pay! I was definitely not in a place where I could work for free again. I accepted a job in sales. Don’t get me wrong I love sales. A lot! The competition is thrilling. I can see myself having a long term career in sales.

Hence, my blog! I can do the fun work that I loved as a “side hustle”.

That is one reason but there are also others:

Reason #2: Fashion. I LOVE CLOTHES. Always have. My husband, family, and friends have always thought I take it a little too far. Lol 😉  So why not turn my “problem” into a possible new income stream? My real focus in fashion is finding clothes that are FLATTERING. My mom kind of engrained this into my head. When shopping, that is my #1 criteria… “is it flattering?”

Reason #3: I had the free time. My husband opened his own company last year which I am SO proud of him for doing that. However, it takes a LOT of hard work and long hours. I found myself sitting at home just wasting time until he came home… uhhh how lame am I? I needed to do something productive with my time after work or if he works on the weekends.

Reason #4: Building relationships and meeting new people. After college, it’s not often that you make new friends unless you meet them at work, maybe the gym. Trying not to sound pathetic here… but I have 8 coworkers, most work from home or don’t live in Nashville. So thats not really the best outlet to make friends for me…. my boss would agree lol! I have met a lot of really interesting, talented, motivated women from blogging and that has seriously been one of the best parts of starting this.

Reason #5: I also LOVE trying new products. I will do more reviews this year. I definitely don’t consider myself an expert in this area but I’ll try whatever new trends there are. I’ve tried sugar bear hair gummies, the fit teas, charcoal teeth whitener… hmmmm what else is advertised on Instagram? I’ve probably tried it. LOL!

Reason #6: SPREAD POSITIVITY! I try to live my life with a positive attitude. I want to help spread that to others 🙂


I have gotten some questions about blogging and growing your blog. I’ll do a blog post as soon as I hit 10k on Instagram answering all questions! If you have specific questions you’d like me to include, please comment here, DM me, email me, etc. 🙂


If you made it this far, I’m impressed! THANK YOU so much for reading.

Love, Natalie



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