5 steps to getting out of that winter FUNK

January 10, 2018

Woah that’s a big picture of my face. I don’t know how to resize so…..


This past week I felt off. Let’s just get that out there.

Maybe it was because the holidays were over and now it’s just grey and cold. I was sick… well, I’m still kinda sick. I went through waves where I kind of felt silly posting pictures of myself all the time, doubted myself, and then starting just overthinking everything. I was in a funk. Ugh. Don’t you hate those?!?! I needed OUT of this FUNK. How was I going to achieve any of my new year’s resolutions this way?

So now I’m writing this blog post for any of you that might be a in a funk about what helps me get back on track when I start going in the wrong direction.


1 . MUSIC!

I’m music obsessed and there are honestly a few songs that just by listening to them can get me out of my funk. A few that take the top spot.

Congratulations by Post Malone

Glamorous by Fergie

Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison


  1. Turn off NETFLIX and leave the house… if you are feeling very motivated, go to the gym

This is not the time for Netflix! You are trying to feel better about yourself not worse.

Change your scenery. Get out of the house. Walk around. Go to the mall. Go to see friends. Plan a girls night. Go to Target… actually this might be a bad idea because then you’d feel down about spending too much $$ so scratch that. Go to the gym. Strike up a conversation with someone random while at any of those places. Smile at someone 🙂


  1. Eat healthy

This makes such a big difference for some reason. Eat some greens… veggies…

Some people think, “Uh… I’m in such a FUNK… I don’t feel good… I need something yummy to eat.” No, no you don’t. You are only adding to your funk if you do that.


  1. DANCE!

Maybe this should be next to #1. But turn on those jams and do a little jig in your house. Maybe put on a performance/concert for your dog.

But for real… I always do this! HAHA It works.

Well… until your roommate/bf/husband/mom/dad/whoever you live with walks in to witness your concert but hey it’ll make for a great…..

  1. Laugh!






Hope this post at least made you smile! This post Christmas/grey winter FUNK has got to go. BYEEEE! Lol


Love, Natalie






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