Christmas 2017 — What Santa brought me

December 26, 2017

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! I’m SO TIRED today… ahhh who’s with me? So I figured I’d put up a quick post to share pictures from Christmas day and what Santa brought me this year. We spent Christmas Eve with my husband’s family and Christmas Day with mine. ๐Ÿ™‚ These are all pictures from Christmas Day with my family. We started the day off visiting my grandmothers. Afterwards, we made chocolate martinis & put on our comfy clothes for exchanging gifts. Scroll to the bottom to for the chocolate martini recipe!

Merry Christmas!

Shop my comfy Christmas look: (My scarf is only $19!!)

Here is my top.



What I got for Christmas:


Recipe for Chocolate martinis:

LOL @ my dad’s handwriting

It says:

2 shots of Van Gough Double Espresso
1 shot of Baileys
2 shots of Kahlua
2 shots of Godiva Liqueur
4 shots of half & half


Love, Natalie

By Natalie

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