Holiday Party Look — Red Jumpsuit

November 20, 2017

Holiday parties are right around the corner! Since you are reading this post, I’m willing to bet you want to show up looking your absolute BEST! Warranting reactions like… “WOAH did you see HER? She looked AMAZING!” or “SHE is an absolute KNOCK OUT! BEST dressed for sure!” 🙂 But seriously… Hehe

Typically, holiday party guest lists consist of either people you haven’t seen in a long time or coworkers that only see you dressed up once a year! So it is your time to SHINE girlfriend.

Over the next week or so, I will be sharing a few different holiday looks for you guys. This look is probably my favorite because I LOVE jumpsuits and RED. Red makes such a statement on it’s own especially around the holidays. No matter what look you go with, I highly recommend incorporating red even if it is just your lipstick! I am ALL ABOUT  jumpsuits, every time I see someone in a jumpsuit at an event, they just stand out! Plus, jumpsuits do amazing things for your figure!!!

Scroll to the bottom for sizing details.


Jumpsuit: True to size, I’m wearing a small, ONLY $79!!
Leather Jacket: Runs slightly small. I own this jacket in two colors in a small and medium. Both fit, however, the medium I can wear a sweater under. Also, it is important to note that I wear this jacket ALL the time, have owned it for almost 2 years and it still looks really good. It is $98 but well worth it for the quality!

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Love, Natalie






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