Put on THE dress, girlfriend

September 28, 2017

What’s your FAVORITE clothing item? You know the one… the one that you maybe splurged to buy… maybe you see it hanging in your closet and you’re in awe over it… or maybe you are saving it for the PERFECT occasion…

That is exactly how I feel about this dress! BUT things didn’t go according to plan with this dress. I bought it on my birthday this year with the intentions of wearing it on my birthday and during our trip to Spain. I mean this dress just screams “perfect for Spain”! Right?!?! LOL (At least that is how I justified this purchase in my head…)

Guess what I did? I didn’t wear this dress on my birthday because I felt like I needed to save it for Spain…

Once we got to Spain, I kept saving it because I wanted to wear it on the PERFECT night so I could get the best photos wearing it.

Yep, you probably guessed it. That night never came. So on the last night I wore it to a quick dinner…. and guess what…ย  ended up not getting any photos.

There is a lesson to be learned here! Go ahead and wear whatever it is in your closet that you are saving! The perfect opportunity might not come around! Hence, the title of this blog post.

So… last night I met up with my blog bestie and took photos, I had to AT LEAST take photos in this dress before its too cold out.

The sad thing is… I do this ALL the time… I save my favorite clothes for the perfect occasion then end up not wearing them. How messed up is that? Do you guys do this? I have a feeling I’m alone in this but would LOVE to know if I’m not.

So here are the pictures of me in my favorite dress LOL ๐Ÿ™‚





What is your favorite piece in your closet right now?

Love, Natalie

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